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Our mission is to inspire people to find balance through empowering lifestyle changes in order to achieve mental and physical well-being.

Achieving the best results for your health through naturopathic medicine

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While modern medicine has produced many amazing advances that have extended the lives of our friends and family, it has all too often led us to forget that the body possesses remarkable healing powers. This is led many people to chase a temporary fix through conventional medicine instead of treating the root cause through naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors believe that the combination of traditional and natural approaches can lead to better results for your overall well-being.

Dr. Jane Hendricks is a Naturopathic Doctor offering natural health options for your everyday health concerns. She has years of experience offering natural healing remedies. We approach each patient as an individual and work hard to ensure an individualized treatment plan so that we can help our patients reach the goals that they have set for their health. With treatment methods ranging from optimization of the mind-body connection to detoxification of your physical body, they will get to the root cause of your symptoms and help you develop a personalized treatment protocol that will target it effectively and efficiently.

Achieving the best results for your health through naturopathic medicine relies not only on the expertise of the doctor but on the adherents of the patient to the treatment. Thankfully the doctors here are passionate about ensuring that patients are well-educated on what their treatment options are, why those treatments have been selected, and how those treatments work. It is the firm belief of the medical staff that patient education is essential if you want to increase patient adherence so that your outcomes are the best that they can possibly be at your practice.


At Garden of Health we can teach you how to listen to what your
body is telling you and take charge of your mind, body and spirit.

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Treatment Philosophy
The primary tenets of the treatment philosophy here is that the relationship between the patient and the provider is of the utmost importance. This is followed by a focus on the whole body rather than a localized symptom of the condition. This is supported by an evidenced-based approach that integrates multiple disciplines of lifestyle and nutritional health support approaches. Chronic illness is all too common in the United States today and the majority of these illnesses are entirely preventable if they are treated early through preventative care. However, conventional medicine has a tendency to disregard preventative care which ultimately can lead to worse health care outcomes long-term.

Our Approach
The practice is defined by a specific set of goals that are united behind an overarching vision for how naturopathic healthcare should be practiced. At the core of the philosophy is a belief that the treatment naturopathic medicine practitioners are not treating symptoms they are treating people. This belief evolves and influences the entire philosophy that runs the practice here so you can expect to be provided with the highest level of attention and care that is available in the naturopathic medicine industry.

If you are looking for a functional medicine doctor that values taking time with each patient then you have found the place. We take an individualized approach to your healthcare and it is ultimately up to you to decide and no one can force you to make decisions in regards to your health but it is important to take care of yourself.

While you can always go to a regular doctor for a checkup, more than likely if something is not seriously wrong they will just send you home. Functional medical practitioners are trained in naturopathic medicine and can give you treatments outside of medications and surgery. We also teach you how to stay well and prevent future illnesses.

We treat patients all over the country. Fill out our online form to schedule a complimentary consult or call 480-334-8278 to schedule your first appointment.

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dr jane naturopathic practitioner

Jane Hendricks NMD graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she learned a wide range of modalities that included nutrition, hormone therapy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Dr. Hendricks was immediately drawn to the modalities of hormone replacement therapy, nutrition therapy, herbal medicine and acupuncture. Since graduating, she has been in private practice as well as an educator and speaker. She authored, Feed Your Body, Energize Your Life! which has been featured at Changing Hands, Borders book stores, and Barnes & Noble.

What Are Patients Saying:

Vanessa, Phoenix AZ

I was 257 at my heaviest, right around the time I came for my first appointment with Dr Jane. I wore size “22 Wide” pants. I felt terrible, every day. Getting up was hard, sitting down was hard, my joints hurt so I couldn’t exercise and I was on narcotic pain meds. focusing on the diet discussed with Dr Jane and I began losing weight immediately. No pills and no excercise and I was loosing weight. The weight loss was steady and consistent.  Eighteen months later, I reached my lowest weight of 135 lbs. I got off my pain meds and blood pressure meds.

Vanessa Before

Before diet and nutrition advice

Vanessa After

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It’s refreshing to be able to directly communicate with my doctor. She has helped both myself and husband with different health issues. I would highly recommend this doctor for anyone who wants one on one personal attention.

Luisa VO

Dr. Jane has completely changed my life for the better. My digestion has improved 100%♥️. Not to mention, I have so much more energy and now sleep so soundly.
I will NEVER go anywhere else. Dr. Jane’s bedside manner and the way she made me feel comfortable is so refreshing. And look at her office view!!

Troy Counselman

Dr. Jane has been my naturopath for years and what I love most about her is her attention to the details and her heartfelt compassion for what you might be going through health wise. She is thorough and comprehensive in a way you just don’t see much anymore in the realm of medicine these days. I have recommended many of my friends and family members to her and I will keep doing so! Keep up the great job Dr. Jane!

Cliff Smith

Dr. Hendricks was very helpful to me when I had serious digestive issues. She helped me get back on track with better eating habits. I used herbal foods and probiotics and within a few weeks I was feeling so much better, i couldn’t believe it. Dr. Hendricks also recommended some yoga positions to help with my posture and alignment.


“Since seeing Dr. Hendricks, my moods are so much better. She was really good with balancing my hormones and helping me with diet.”


“Dr. Hendricks helped me with my digestion and hormones. She also took over my thyroid treatment which has worked great as well!”