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Vanessa, Phoenix AZ

I was 257 at my heaviest, right around the time I came for my first appointment with Dr Jane. I wore size “22 Wide” pants. I felt terrible, every day. Getting up was hard, sitting down was hard, my joints hurt so I couldn’t exercise and I was on narcotic pain meds. focusing on the diet discussed with Dr Jane and I began losing weight immediately. No pills and no excercise and I was loosing weight. The weight loss was steady and consistent.  Eighteen months later, I reached my lowest weight of 135 lbs. I got off my pain meds and blood pressure meds.

Vanessa Before

Before diet and nutrition advice

Vanessa After

A. F., Phoenix AZ

“Since seeing Dr. Hendricks, my moods are so much better. She was really good with balancing my hormones and helping me with diet.”

C.T., Scottsdale AZ

“Dr. Hendricks helped me with my digestion and hormones. She also took over my thyroid treatment which has worked great as well!”